Jiangsu Xingsheng Brush Co.,Ltd


Chairman's speech:

Xingsheng is a stage,

It's possible to have a dream here

Happiness is your pursuit,

To make you happy is the dream of Xingsheng

Only when there is pursuit can there be happiness, and only when there is work can there be no tiredness

Only when you have a goal can you be interested and work can be powerful

Life is work, work is life

Happy work is to enjoy life


To be a professional toothbrush manufacturer


- vision

To build Xingsheng company into a modern, world-famous large-scale toothbrush product design and manufacturing enterprise, and cultivate "Xingsheng" toothbrush into a world brand product.

- Mission

To provide customers with hygienic, comfortable, high-quality, beautiful toothbrush products, to contribute to human oral health.

- Core values

Customers first

Quality first

People oriented

Establish a business with integrity

Goal equilibrium